Hydroponics Supplies – Hydroponic Containers

Choosing Hydroponic Supplies – Hydroponic Containers

This article will help you know about the hydroponic supplies such as containers. When it comes to hydroponics home grown systems, one of the main items in the entire system is the container. The hydroponic container is the item that holds the Grow Medium for the plants. Searching the market you will find lots and lots of containers shaped in pots or bottles or even buckets. The choice has to be made accordingly. A general mindset would be to get a large container that is a tray type container for larger plantation and a smaller container like a pot for smaller scale growth or plantation of hydroponics.

The first thing to see is the scale of plantation

In general for the larger growth the containers are large but those also come with a set of other attachments. Usually the containers used for the large scale home plantation are trays. There are many trays available in the market. These trays come with hole and also no holes. Depends on the type of hydroponic system you are using. The one with the holes will need more water supplies and the one without the holes will have some other system of hydroponic plant growth.  Also the use of the containers is not limited to the trays when it comes to large scale growth you can also buy some gardening kits. These gardening kits are pre designed for home grown hydroponics.

If you are doing a small scale production of home grown hydroponics then a single pot might be sufficient as a container. A small pot or a homemade bottle might even suffice.  The bottles and pots can be used as hydroponic containers. The one with the holes are much preferred for home grown hydroponics.

The nature of the plants

The nature of plants also matters when it comes to choose the hydroponic containers. For the leafy vegetables like lettuce the containers to be chosen are large trays. The depth of the trays is not that much as these leafy vegetables do not need to grow deeper with longer roots. These plants like lettuce just need a large scale production tray. Of course you can use small containers also but mostly people use large scale home growth of lettuce.

For the plants that have roots such as tomatoes the containers to be used are large or those that have more height. The reason is that these plants have large roots so they need more area. The container has the grow medium, such as sand or vermiculite, gravel etc. these will need some sufficient space for proper growth. So the choice if the containers must be with large pots and buckets.

The type of hydroponic system used

Another thing that can be used to determine which type of container to be used is the type of hydroponic system. If you are using a Wick system for the hydroponic plant growth then the container used for the grow mediums is the large tray. In this system the trays are used as the nutrients are pumped in to the tray where the plants grow. The wick system works best with the large trays instead of pots. If you are using water culture system for that the container type to be used is the pots. In this system the nutrients are pumped in the foam that holds the pots. Similarly if you are using the Ebb and Flow hydroponic system, the Drip hydroponic system, the trays are to be used as containers and the systems like NFT and aeroponic use the pots or bottles or buckets as containers.

Types of containers

Choosing the containers for hydroponic plant growth is not a difficult task at all. You need to know your needs and what type of plant growth you are going for. There are the containers with and without holes. Searching the containers you will find that there are with holes in the bottom of the container, holes all around the container and also with no holes. So there are 2 types in general, the ones with the holes which of course work better for home grown hydroponic system. The pots used for grow medium are kept in the containers these containers are not with the holes in them. The pots usually have holes if the pots are kept inside the containers. If the container is used as a grow medium itself then it has to have holes for water drainage.

This is how you must choose a container for your home grown hydroponic system.


Where to buy?

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