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Growing Hydroponics in Your Home

What really is the hydroponics?

“The word hydroponics comes from a Latin origin and it has meaning of working water, it is the art of growing plants without soil.” In many households there are plants placed in water pots and they grow with proper nutrients provided, but growing something like potatoes or tomatoes is much more complex than an ordinary plant that does not produce fruit.

When the word hydroponic comes in mind most people might think of plants immersed in water bottles or pots, it is surely one way of growing plants but there are several ways that can be used. Provided with the modern technology there are many ways that one can have a huge garden in the house that grows all kinds of pants. There are many ways to grow plants in home but the easiest is to grow hydroponics, where they do not need any soil, but just water solution with the nutrients.

The basic needs for a plant growth are light, water & nutrients and the media to grow the plants. To grow hydroponics in a home you need to have these three. The first is

The Light:

The very first thing that the plant need is the light source. Growing hydroponics in home needs a proper light source. It can be a window where the light comes in directly or if the weather is not so sunny, the fluorescents can be used.

The large T5 fluorescents are a better way to provide the light, if the plants that are to be grown need more heat and light to grow then the light source can be a high intensity discharge lights also known as MH or HPS. This type of lightning is most popular for indoor gardening. The high intensity makes it more effective as it also produces heat like the sun provides. It is a better option for hydroponics grown at home.

Water and nutrients:

Of course, to grow plants at home water and nutrients are needed. For the home grown hydroponics there are many hydroponic systems available that provide proper water and nutrients to the plants for proper growth. Once the light source is managed, the proper “growing medium” is needed to provide the water and nutrients to the hydroponics. There are many hydroponic systems that use different mediums like foams or air, water etc. These are the hydroponic systems that can be installed and used for home grown hydroponics:

The wick system:

This is the simplest system for home grown hydroponics. In this system the nutrients and water are drawn to the plants in the growing medium with a wick. The benefit is it is simple to install.

The drawback of this system is that the wicks are not able to supply proper amounts of nutrients for larger plants.

The Water culture:

This system for home grown hydroponics has a floating platform for plants. The roots are suspended (in the solution) and the nutrients are provided in the solution on which the plants are floating. The air pump supplies air to the solution thus giving oxygen to the roots. This is a good way to grow plants such as lettuce, or other leafy plants.

The drawback of this system is that it is not good with the larger sized plants.

The Ebb & Flow system:

This is a versatile home grown hydroponic system. It provides nutrients the plants based on their size and needs. The growing medium is pumped with the water/nutrients from the reservoir below. It temporarily floods the grow tray and then the solution is drained back into the reservoir. This is done several times a day with the help of an adjusted timer, so that the type of plants that are grown at home can be provided with the amount of water and nutrients they need. The larger the plants means there is more the flooding and drainage per day in this hydroponic system.

The drawback of this system is that the roots can get dry quickly if the timer doesn’t work or there are power outages. No solution of nutrients will be pumped and the whole cycle will be disturbed.

The NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)

This is what most people think of a home grown hydroponics. This system does the very similar thing, provides water to the roots with the nutrients. This system has a constant flow of water solution to the roots so there is no timer needed, which is a plus point. The solution is pumped in to the growing tray constantly, water flows from one end and drops out to the reservoir on the other end. The only growing medium used is air inside the grow tray. This makes it easy and also not much expensive.

The drawback is that the water has to be pumped all the time; the power outages can harm the growth of the plants at home. The roots will dry out rapidly if the water is not supplied or the flow of water is interrupted even for a minute.

Homegrown hydroponics

These are a few systems that can be used to grow hydroponics at home. These systems can be used to grow plants like lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes and all other kinds. Everyone likes to have a garden of their own, why not use the home grown hydroponics. The success of the plant grown at home depends on the hydroponic systems. So it is advised that the best and the most reliable hydroponic systems are used for home. Proper light is needed. Growing plants at home can be a bit difficult as there is no proper sunlight indoors. The light sources must be selected according to the plants being grown. Proper nutrients must be bought to make the solution. If the home grown hydroponic system is versatile but the nutrients are not properly provided even then it can be difficult to have home grown hydroponics. With a good reliable system it is possible to have a home garden based on hydroponics.

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