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You have perhaps come across the word hydroponics which refers to the act or process of growing plant s without using soil as the medium; instead you make use of the chemically resultant nutrient solution. In brief, it entails mixing water with the nutritive minerals found in nature, the soil is substituted with other mediums like coconut husks or rockwool or perlite.

The practice of growing plants using hydroponics at your own home is called home grown hydroponics. Home grown hydroponics is the new system that has replaced the traditional outdoor gardening where plants were grown on a garden where the soil beds have been properly prepared. However, in most cases, majority of people do not have space for the soil beds, consider people living in cities or urban areas where no garden exists to do your little agriculture.

Homegrown hydroponics uses no soil, you can thus grow plants while you are living in an urban area or places that soil beds are rare to be found. This kind of growth is where the plant roots will be suspended improvised clay pellets that have been enriched with liquid nutrients. This allows the plant roots to stay tight and compressed hence you can grow a lot of plants in a single clay pellet.

So, how do you begin with the home grown hydroponics?

Alright, you want to learn how you can start growing plants using the home grown hydroponics, while it is not hard but really simple, lets’ begin with the key components that you will require, if you are well off ,you can purchase a kit that will be used to hold your liquid mineral nutrient solution, if this is going to be more expensive for you , you can as well improvise  and have your own kit  that will perfectly meet your needs. Many of these standard kits that have been designed for the purpose of hydroponic farming go at $185, this can accommodate approximately 8 plants and it uses the ebb and flow means. You can also opt to purchase a single pot that will support only one plant, if you are starting it is good to begin by growing one plant first. The bucket uses the bubbler system flow method.

While starting the home grown hydroponics, you have a variation of preferences to use; these include the NFT which in full stands for nutrient film technique. This is the method where a watercourse thin layer of mineral solution is placed on the roots. This is mostly done with the standard kits. However, the simplest, easy and fascinating method is one that entails hanging your plants in the mid –air and then spraying the plant root system with the nutritive mineral solution, this is has to be done more often to ensure the root system of the plants are well supplied with enough nutrients. You can as well use drip system which further comes with its advantages. Of all the methods that you can use, the simplest and cheapest is the bubbler system, this is where you keep your kits or pots filled with your favorite medium slightly raised above the mineral solution and then ensure that your solution is properly aerated. In this method the air bubbles will be dashing out, this will thus maintain and create a moist environment around the plant roots. There are still many methods that you can apply provided you do not use soil.

Home grown hydroponics is the cheapest method you can grow plants or crops like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce herbs, onions and many more horticultural crops. This method now allow many farmers to grow plants faster and a bit vigorous than the outdoor method, with the home grown hydroponics , your crops and plants become healthier ,bigger and deliver a high yields. This system of growing crops without the help of soil has become very effective and efficient.

You may probably been asking yourself why then should you adapt the home grown hydroponics?

Home grown hydroponic gardening offers to you foods that are very nutritional and taste better, with using this system you can easily change the features of the foods you grow, watch what happens to your food whether it is pollutants or pests. This system allows you to grow more than one crop in one space. It further allows you to grow your crops in places or areas that you could not manage to grow. This is more like good news to those who do not own a garden .The following are some great benefits of using the home grown hydroponics system as compared to the soil system.

  • It is easier to control pests and wild animals with using the home grown hydroponics system because crops are grown in a secluded place.
  • Applying home grown hydroponic system is environmentally friendly since it reduces on the incidence of pollution, fertilizer is only applied at a small area, and water is also conserved.
  • Frequent weeds and seedlings that may hinder growth of your plants is eradicated, this thus reduces the need to buy herbicide for control.
  • You have a good time for planting since no soil preparation operation is needed.
  • Hydroponic home grown system lowers the costs of water usage since the mineral solution will always flow through the plants growing medium and drains back to a water reservoir.
  • With this system you have high yields and short period for the crops to mature, absence of soil eliminates the likely hood of soil born pests and disease causing organism, thus your crops will always be healthier than the soil garden crops.

However, this system does not guarantee you the100% level of perfectness, it possess some few disadvantages like:

  • Getting the ideal medium for the growth of your plants and crops can sometimes be a bit troublesome
  • It has dangers of pathogen strike that can be resulted from high levels of moisture.
  • Since it does not use soil as a support to your roots, there is a high chance of your roots drying out very fast in case your hydroponic system fails.




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