Growing Hydroponic Lettuce in Your Home

Growing Hydroponic Lettuce In Your Home

One of the easiest vegetables to grow is lettuce. You will find a lot of ways to use those pots that are sitting free at your home and are of no use at all. To do it yourself it is very easy, you just need to know the requirements for a home grown hydroponic system. Hydroponics growing means to use some other medium besides soil for growing vegetables such as lettuce. Once your hydroponic system is set up you will have lettuce production in weeks. Here is how you can grow lettuce on a small scale at home using pots.

1. Choosing the pot

The very first step is to choose the pot. Of course if you want to choose some large scale production in your home garden you will need some larger pot, but to do it yourself the easy way select a pot that has the capacity of 1 to 5 gallons. It will do more than enough for you. There are many different pots available in the market, select the best one. The pot must have holes in the bottom so that the water that is sprayed or sprinkled do not stay there.

Hydroponic pot

Hydroponic pot

2. Get a large container that you will fit the pot in, such as a bucket

The bucket should be able to hold the pot inside as shows in the figure. The bucket will help store the water with the required nutrients in it. You can use different kinds of pots as you like depending on the growing medium to be used. The step has to be followed exactly like this. The pot and the bucket should look like this now.

Another thing to be kept in mind is how submersed is the pot in the bucket. You do not want it to be all submersed in the bucket so that when you fill the bucket with the water it is all around the pot. That would not be a great idea for a proper homegrown hydroponic.




3. Buying the hydroponic nutrients

Once you have set up the system as above, the next step is to find the nutrients for the lettuce you are growing at home. You can buy a hydroponic nutrient mixture from some nursery or a store. Make sure that the nutrients you get are all packed with necessary stuff that the plants need to grow properly. This is the only way you will have a good hydroponic system at home made by yourself. Get to a store and find the best brands for home grown crops. The plans that grow hydroponically need these nutrients otherwise they will not have a proper growth, remember you are not using soil for growth just water with sand or other material.

Hydroponic nutrient

Hydroponic nutrient

4. Decide the type of grow medium you will use

There are a lot of grow mediums that can be used such as shavings, vermiculites, sawdust or sand, gravel etc. the most advantageous is the gravel. The gravel is better than others but will need constant water need, as it drains more quickly than other mediums. Shavings are also good but will not produce better results as sand or gravel. You need to be very careful in choosing the medium. The best growing medium for lettuce is gravel or sand.  

Hydroponics Grow medium

Hydroponics Grow medium

5. Fill the pot with the grow medium

The next step is easy. Once you choose the growing medium it is time to fill the pot with it. Make sure that the pot is opaque. It will not let the light enter the root areas as it might produce algae.


6. Fill the bucket (the container) with water

The next step is to fill the container the bucket to be used to place the pot inside with water.

7. Add the nutrients

The nutrients are needed for the proper growth of the hydroponic lettuce. The next step is to, get the nutrients pack that you have bought form the market and mix it in the bucket filled with water. Make sure that you read the instructions on the pack about the percentage of nutrients to be mixed with the amount of water. This step is easy to carry out. Make sure that the nutrients are measured accordingly. Or otherwise there will not be a proper growth.

add the nutrients

add the nutrients

8. Stir

Once you have added the nutrients to the water it is time to stir the water properly so that the nutrients get mixed properly. If the nutrients are not mixed properly it will not be very effective home grown hydroponic system. Make sure that you keep mixing the nutrients until they are properly dissolved in water. No residue should be left. Let the mixture settle for a bit. At least give it an hour.Once the time is up see if there is still some solid nutrient stuff that you can see, if so stir again.This way you will ensure that the nutrients are properly mixed with the water and the lettuce that you are growing can use those nutrients properly. If the mixture is not good the lettuce will not grow properly.


9. Get seeds of the lettuce or the transplants

Make sure that you get the best quality seeds to sow or the transplants that are of good quality. Seeds are to be sown if you are using sand or sawdust. You can use the lettuce transplants in case if you are using the gravel as a medium for growth.




10. Place the pot inside the bucket (water mixture container) so that it is properly submersed

This is how the pot should be in the bucket so that it is submerged properly to get the nutrients from the water.

Place the pot

11. Sow the seeds

The last step is to sow the seeds. If you have a small container bucket then you will need 6- 8 seeds or 3 to 4 lettuce transplants. For larger containers the number of seeds can increase. Deepening on the area you have to plant.

sow the seeds

With these easy steps you can grow hydroponic lettuce easily.


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