How to choose a hydroponic system ?

How to choose a hydroponic system?

We are living in modern world so the plants are. Their modern world is called hydroponic system where plants grow differently from seeding to harvesting. Many parts of hydroponic system works together and help growing a plant without letting plant put efforts.

Hydroponic system isn’t just one system which can be easy to select. It has 6 different kinds which make it difficult to select which one is best. Some are high tech and some are simple to use but some has popularity which makes them best. Overall it is on you that which one you are selecting, if you are just beginner than it is very difficult but if you are business man than it is still difficult best you won’t be copying other, you have your own mind and want to see which system has more benefits than other and then select it for business.

As I said before, there are 6 different kinds of hydroponic system.

  • Aeroponic System
  • Drip System
  • Ebb and Flow System
  • N.F.T (nutrient film technique)
  • Water Culture System
  • Wick System

Providing overviews of all hydroponic system will help you choose best one.

 Aeroponic System:

Aeroponic doesn’t need medium, it lets grow plants in air. Many companies, schools and researchers used Aeroponic system. It is better control over nutrient water, it also provide maximum oxygen to plant. Aeroponic system produces better yields and uses low quantity of water; researchers say that it used up to 75% less water.

Aeroponic system holds plants on the tray and let their roots dangle below the tray freely. The tray is on box which has nutrient solution to the bottom of box. Than it pump the nutrient solution up to the system and sprays the mist of nutrient solution. This is known as difficult system to master ut it is great of commercial production.

Aeroponic System

Aeroponic System


Drip System:

This system works by smaller tube. Every plant is on these smaller tubes and system thought the water rich with nutrient solution through small tubes and drains onto the top of every plant. It is best for those plants which don’t have strong roots and they can easily get nutrient like flowers, herbs, vegetables, lettuce and indoor plant. It is much likely drip for humans which works through small tubes and provide them is needed to patient.


Hydroponic Drip system

Hydroponic Drip system

Ebb and Flow System:

Ebb and flow system has medium, this medium is place for plant and bottom of the medium is container which holds nutrient solution. It has pumping system with times which pump up the nutrient solution to the medium where you plant is placed. Plant will complete its needs and then remaining nutrient solution will be back to container and system will keep it for future use.

Ebb and flow system is best for small or for people who want hydroponic system in their home.


Ebb and Flow System

Ebb and Flow System

N.F.T (nutrient film system):

N.F.T (nutrient film system) is different in shape. It doesn’t need a growing medium or soil. Its shape is a slope type, the nutrient solution is pumped to the upper side of slope and then solution goes down to the reservoir the hole in tubes. There would be plants in-between the tube which will nutrient while flow of solutions from top to bottom. The roots in N.F.T system are coated with nutrient film which makes its name Nutrient Film Technique.

This technique is difficult but best for commercial use. Only those plants which has strong roots has live in this system.


NFT Hydroponics system



Water Culture System:

Deep water culture system is known as simple and easy hydroponic system. It doesn’t need timer, tubes to let plant get nutrient solutions. It comes with large container and an platform where plant will be placed. The container would have the dissolved water in nutrient solution and floating platform on it. The plant which is placed on floating platform will get nutrient solution. The container would contain air stone which will be connected to air pump. Air stone will provide oxygen to plants.

Leaf lettuce is the plant which can grow in this system but there are very few other plants which can grow well in this system. It will be important to change nutrient solution once in a week so that plants will be healthy.


Hydroponic water culture system

water culture system

Wick System:

Wick system requires a growing medium in order to let plant grow. You will have a tray in which growing medium will be available and plant will be placed on growing medium. There would be reservoir at bottom of tray, reservoir has a water rich with nutrient solution. A wick will be placed from the place of plant through growing medium to reservoir and suck up the dissolved water up to the plant.

Wick system is best and desirable system because it doesn’t need tubes or timer which can lower your cost. Typically flowers and indoor plant can grow in this system.

The whole upper part is to let you understand how the hydroponic systems are working which can give you some idea about what kind of system are best but thinking about which points are necessary when purchasing than come down and not the followings points.


Wick system

Wick system


First thing is important to know that how much you are going to invest because you don’t know the exact charges and future investments. Problem that you will have to invest openly to make a better system but you still have an option for trying. This is like traditional gardening. If you just want to experiment and train yourself with starting than you can invest little and then you will have to invest better for better hydroponic system.

There is a little system called Wilma system which is for budget people who just want to test and experience this system. It can have 2 to 4 pots with growing medium where you could place the plant and on the bottom will be nutrition solution. It is small system which you can place on table but you will have to ready to invest for more yields.

Fast or Not?

Having a fast hydroponic system is important. Proving any kind of needs to plants quickly such as oxygen, nutrient solution and then back to reservoir, even a little late can put bad effects on plants. The plants which are younger can help themselves to stable their body temperature and older, hmm don’t know if older plants can really do it. In any case, the system should be faster to operate everything fast.

How much room?

Room size and height is important factors in hydroponics system. You can’t place system outside in the sun, you need enough room to place the system inside and operate it. Probable you need extra place to operate the system and let don’t let put bad effect on plants.

Having small room is like uncomfortable for plants. Just consider yourself that you are in a room and watching TV, the total size of room is only to site and put TV but what will happen than, the heat of TV will bother you and you couldn’t get oxygen and feel uncomfortable, this is the same case with plants.

Noise of System?

Noise isn’t big problem at all but sometimes where you are living and don’t want to disturb the people around you than it comes to noise. Actually the noise making elements in hydroponic systems are pumps. If you system has small pumps then flow of water will be low so noise will be too but if you system is larger than obviously it will be louder.

Power Consumption?

These systems usually don’t consume that much power. Water pump is the only part of system which uses the electricity but only few watts which isn’t even considerable. Some times in winter, you need to heat the solution to let them on normal temperature so you don’t need to let it get heat all the day, only few times you need to heat them. It is also on you either you want to use LIDs for growing plants than you will have to consider power consumption.


Free Time?

It depends upon how bid your system is. If it has small reservoir than you need to recheck once in a day and if it has bid reservoir and best timer than you can have up to 4 days vacations.


This is the main concept to designing the hydroponic system to get more and healthy yields. No such questions stands to ask for yields.

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